About US

Cangnan Best Valves & Fittings Factory, a professional manufacturer of kinds of sanitary pumps, such as: Centrifugal pump, self-priming pump, double seal pump and kinds of valves and fittings for fluid equipment.

As a medium size factory, Cangnan Best Valves& Fittings Factory focuses in HIGH QUALITY and LOW COST. M. S. Believes, only sticking to this principle, it can survive in this competitive market

Cangnan Best Valves& Fittings Factory has 5-year-experience of export, and it has exported the products to Europe, America, Taiwan, Asia and so on.

Our Products
sanitary pipe fittings, Sanitary heavy duty clamp, Sanitary clamp union, Sanitary DIN union, SMS union, Sanitary Y-type tee, Sanitary Weld Cross, Sanitary Clamp Reducer, Sanitary Weld Reducer, Sanitary Clamp Tee, Sanitary Weld Tee, Sanitary 90 degree union elbow, Sanitary Tube, Pipe Holder, Square Pipe Holder, Sanitary Pipe Holder, Sanitary Pipe, Solid End Cap, Sanitary Thread Nipple, Weld Hose Nipple, Sanitary Receless Ferrule, Sanitary Ferrule, Sanitary 45 Degree Elbow, Sanitary 90deg clamped elbow, 90 Deg Weld Long Elbow, Sanitary Weld Elbow, Centrifugal Pump, Sanitary centrifugal pump, sanitary sealed centrifugal pump, open impeller centrifugal pump, Closed Impeller Centrifugal Pump, Self-Priming Pump, sanitary self-priming pump, sanitary filter, Sanitary angle filter, Saintary Weld Straight Filter, Sanitary Valve, Sanitary check valve, sanitary clamp check valve, sanitary weld check valve, Sanitary threaded butterfly valve, Sanitary clamp butterfly valve, Sanitary butterfly valve, Pneumatic Butterfly Valve, Sanitary Ball Valve, Manual reversing valve, Sanitary Aseptic Valve, Rotary Tank Cleaner, Rotary Cleaning Ball, Fixed Cleaning Ball, Cross sight glass, Sanitary sight glass, Aseptic Sampling Valve, Sanitary Sampling Valve, Sanitary diaphragm valve, Pneumatic reversing valve, Pressure Constant Valve, Sanitary safety valve, Regulator Valve, Sanitary Pneumatic Reversing Valve